I spent 5 days in the Caribbean documenting a beautiful couple, their friends and their families. As you can imagine it was quite an amazing experience.

I joined Ira and Andrea to document the week long event. Curtis & Laura were also there shooting the video footage.

This post covers some of my favorite images leading up to the wedding day.

Chelsea and Eric aren’t just the beautiful couple, they are some of the most fun and charismatic people I know. 2 hours with them and you feel like you’ve known them since grade school. I think these pictures will explain what I mean.


(The horizon. Not a flaw in site)

(Chelsea & Eric on the catamaran)

(Chelsea & Eric jumping off the catamaran)

(The charter map of Turks & Caicos)

(Love the contrast of this image, the colors and the lines)

(Friends and family enjoy the water. Ira’s shooting underwater images and I shot from the boat… until I couldn’t resist anymore and triple backflipped into the water (Ok, it was just a regular flip…so what)

(Eric making Chelsea nervous and the rest of the fella’s jealous)

(The lovely couple)

(A great image of hope for those freezing in most states right now)

(The ladies sunning on the deck)

(Sun on the backs and rum in the glass)

(Love this image)

(Conch penis… its a delicacy)

(A ride in the jeep)



(Fire dancer. 2 nights before the wedding)

(I’m always a fan of backlight)

(Enjoying their view, 3 couples on the beach)

(The stars looked amazing here)

(The day before the wedding, while the ladies had a spa and pilates day, the men went golfing)

(On the 18th hole)

(Really made me want to play a round)

(The whole week was centered around the beautiful Gansevoort Hotel in Turks and Caicos. I would highly recommend this location…and then booking ME for your event!)

(The ever welcoming beach)

(Something about these 2 pictures makes me really pleased)

(The guys went wakeboarding… I jump aboard to document)

(Eric about to slalom… which made me nervous since I had sprained my ankle doing just that a few months before )

(Preparing for take off)

(Eric making it happen)

(Nothing like wakeboarding in 80º ocean water)

(Love this jump)

(The wakeboards in their secured spot on the boat with the clouds behind them)


(Wipeout: I’m thinking about making this picture 40×50. the detail is amazzzing!)

(I just love this image. I’m also glad a wave didn’t come as I was only inches away from the water with my camera)

(On the drive home. Love these colors and kind of Miami Vice feel to this image)

(Paddle boarding with the men… I pretty much documented the wild men while Ira photographed the lovely ladies)

(Turks & Caicos)

(Eric diving underwater)

Stay tuned: Next post will be the wedding day. You won’t want to miss that now would you!?

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