(Samuel in Bali. Taken by Josiah)

5 days before I photograph a wedding at the gorgeous Bvlgari Resort on the tropical island of Bali. My assistant (And younger brother) and I land into the town of Kuta. Here are some iPhone instagram images from our adventures and explorations on this wild and untamed Indonesian Island.

Of course we had to be conservative since we needed to be healthy on the day of the wedding.

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(Josiah looking out on Padang Padang beach, Uluwatu)

(The monkey Temple in Ubud)

(The fight against mosquitos continue)

(Rice paddies in Ubud)

(Josiah enjoying the pool at our villa in Seminyak- Buah Bali)

(I loved this scene at Padang Padang)

(Scouting the wedding site. Bvlgari Resort. I can’t wait to show you these wedding images!)

(Bvlgari Resort pool, I was shooting the wedding here and could only enjoy this scene with my eyes.)

(I found a cave. Josiah wouldn’t come in)

(Impossible’s surf spot)

(Blue Point Uluwatu. Photo: Josiah Lippke)

(Josiah about to get pounded onto the lava rock by a wave, this spot I explored in 2004 with 6 orphan boys right before the Tsunami. Pretty sentimental for me.)

(We loved this spot in Seminyak, even watched the band Foster the People play here; “Potato Head”)

(Josiah, my younger brother, fellow adventurist, photo assistant & women’s shoe guru)

(The W hotel Bali. Thats me on the scooter. Photo: Josiah Lippke)

(Sketchy stairs in Uluwatu)

(Josiah shot this at Bingin, you can rent a room in one of these huts for $12 a night)

(Until next adventure, thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned for the wedding images! Photo: Josiah Lippke)

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