I’ll try to make this dialog quick since you would probably rather see the photos below.

As you may know, my brother Ira is a great photographer, he was an intrical part of me becoming a photographer as well. He had a bride and groom hire him to photograph their wedding in Bali Indonesia, which just so happens to be the best Island in the world (Conde Nast said that at somepoint) Anyways, Ira showed the clients my work as well and they had me fly out to document the wedding day with him. Perfect right? To top it off, Andrea; Ira’s wife came out to assist so it was a family affair.

What you are about to see is me on vacation with my brother and sister in law… you think that sounds boring? Well you’re wrong, yeah I ditched them once in awhile and explored solo. Such a great trip! More images to come of the gorgeous wedding!

(Padang Padang, Ira & Andrea are down there about to be ransacked by ME!)

(I swear I’m in a film set)

(Mostly naked brazilians always make the beach experience more entertaining)

(Panang Panang)

(I hitched a ride with him and the sweet vintage vespa)

(Alila at Uluwatu, that structure is suspended over a huge cliff. I think its 300′ Ira thinks its 200′. Fact is… its suspended above a CLIFF! Even worth the $15 cocktail. Photo: Ira Lippke)

(I climbed a lava rock… got cut up, but was worth this view. Photo: Ira Lippke)

(Ira and I on a private Ayana beach)

(Photo: Andrea Lippke)

(The love birds getting frisky)

(Our private pool and cabana at Ayana, thank you to Henry & Gladys)

(Space age)


(The spot)

(Wish I could blow this up bigger on here. I’m going to make a print of this bigger then your mom’s house)

(Life on the edge)

(Farming kelp)


(Exploring caves, I find the best spot for a tshirt on a hot day is wrapped around my head)

(I stopped by the orphanage that I helped at back in 2004)

(Bintang, the watered down (but refreshing) balinese version of beer  that could never quite get cold enough)

(Adventure and then relaxation… my ultimate vacation style)

(Alila Manggis was a great spot in East Bali)

(Traditional Hindu Ceremony)

(Rice paddies with a napping farmer)

(The pool by night)

(Those are all you can eat swimming pools)

(Family of 4 on a scooter… yeah your mom is too protective)

(Lets go Scuba Diving)

(Me  just messin around on a ship wreck)

(My guide was awesome, I took this of her trying to sneak away for a smoke)

(Ira the man beast gets it done)

(Tour De’Bali and Ira’s the sprinter (I’m Lance)

(Downhill doubles as a rest & coolant for my sweat seeped clothes)

(Massage’s on the white sand beach. $8 with tip for a massage and exfoliation)

(This shot blew my mind)

(This is just sand… keep scrolling)

(Have your pick)

(Coconut milk & me just about to destroy it)

(On the way back to the airport I saw these trucks… they reminded me of Elephants at the watering hole, wonder what kind of environmental permits they had to pull for this?)

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