It was such a great year!

I really can’t thank my team enough as well as the amazing vendors that made everything run smoothly.

But most of all I’m thankful for such great Brides and Grooms!

Here is a tribute to my clients from each of the Weddings I photographed this year.

(Selected Credits are at the bottom)


Valerie & Jason

(Beautiful LA & San Pedro Wedding: Terrenea)

Glory & Drew

(Fun, unique Ranch style Washington wedding- My Sister!)

Malinda and Aaron

(Los Angeles Celebration. Such a fun dance party)

Yoon and Larry

(Southern California Elegant and mellow beautiful day: St. Regis)

Krystal and Francis

(Lots of energy and humor, gorgeous set up at Pelican Hill)

Stephanie and Brandon

(The industry & party crew wedding at Bacara Resort Santa Barbara)

Cee and Harly

(Sharp, Elegant and meaningful celebration on the 4th of July: Ritz Carlton Laguna)

Gracie and Kyle

(Bright summer Montage Wedding lots of color and fun guests)

Rachel and Kevin

(Style, meets the farm in Bristol Rhode Island)

Sepi and Amid

(“Purple Glam at The St. Regis”)

Cee & Harly

(Thailand Adventure: Suan Thip)

Aubrey and Jordan

(Passionate,Stylish and perfect celebration)

Paris and Kevin

(Pelican Hill, Designer wedding)

Karen and Richard

(Beverly Hills Dream wedding: Montage)

Ana and Daniel

(Hamptons, Architect, Designer wedding)

Kat and Adam

(Avant Garde Soho Fashion Wedding)

Ellice and Johnny

(I was in the wedding party, but took some insane pictures: Marrakech, Morocco)

Erin and Wayne

(Cozy Fleminco dancing feista to remember)

Deni and Michael

(Palm Desert wedding with a refreshing twist)

Marmar & Samir

(A Holiday Wedding with the best Sunset of the year)

Chelsea and Eric

(Gorgeous Wedding festival in Turks & Caicos)

* * Some couples are not posted on here for privacy * *

Credits per wedding:

Valerie & Jason: Event Planner: Details Details: Floral & Design: White Lilac: Location: Terrenea

Malinda & Aaron: Sinai Temple Los Angeles

Glory & Drew: Warm Beach WA. Main Photographer: Matt Land

Yoon & Larry: Event Planner: Kim Bradford. St. Regis

Cee & Harly: Event Planner: Gini Garner. Ritz Carlton Laguna

Gracie & Kyle: Event Planner: Details Details. Floral & Event Design: White Lilac

Rachel & Kevin: Event Planner: Stasia Anthony

Sepi & Amid: Event Planner: Details Details: Floral & Design:White Lilac

Cee & Harly: Suan Thip, Thailand

Aubrey & Jordan: Event Planner: Details Details. Floral & Design: Nisie’s Enchanted Florist

Paris & Kevin: Event Planner: Mandy Rassuli. Floral & Design: White Lilac

Karen & Richard: With Adam Sjoberg. Event Planner: The Special Day

Ana & Daniel: Hamptons, Private Estate

Kat & Adam: MSK Event Planning. Event Design and Florals: LMD Floral Events.

Wayne & Erin: Event Planner: Kimberly Bradford Events, Floral & Design: Nisie’s Enchanted Florist

Deni & Michael: Event Planner: April Whitney Events. Floral & Design: Romance Ect.

Krystal & Francis: With Ira Lippke. Event Planner: Details Details. Design: Fiori Fresco

Ellice & Johnny: Morocco. Main Photographer: Dina Douglass. Event Planned by Johnny & Ellice.

Marmar & Samir: With Ira Lippke: Event Planner: Details Details.Floral & Event Design: White Lilac

Chelsea & Eric: With Ira Lippke: Floral & Event Design: Matthew Robbins Design. Gansevoort Hotel Turks & Caicos

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